Girl accused of feeding classmates 'cookies containing grandmother's ashes'

Girl accused of feeding classmates 'cookies containing grandmother's ashes'

A SCHOOLGIRL has been accused of handing out cookies at her local school that were made using the ashes of her recently deceased grandmother.

The alleged incident took place at Da Vinci Academy in California where the unnamed youngster arrived at school and began passing out the treats to her classmates.

It was only once the children began eating the biscuits that she revealed she had added the human remains of her late relative to the cookie mix before baking.

According to Fox 40, the incident took place a fortnight ago.

The students involved were reportedly asked to submit statements detailing what occurred.

However, one of the boys claims he was also urged to stay quiet on the matter.

It's a situation that has left the boy's mother furious.

"It blew my mind," she told Fox 40.

"I was really repulsed and I was upset that I wasn't even notified."

The boy's father also hit out at the move, accusing the school district of being "more concerned about protecting themselves than protecting their students."

Despite these claims, it's still not clear if the biscuits were actually made using the ashes, with NBC reporting that tests on the cookies are ongoing.

In the meantime, local police are investigating the matter while the local Davis Joint Unified School District released a short statement on the matter.

"While we cannot comment on confidential student matters, I can tell you that the physical and social-emotional safety of our students is our first priority," a spokesperson said.