Graham Norton opens up about death of beloved dog Bailey - 'The great thing is I got him back to Ireland'

Graham Norton opens up about death of beloved dog Bailey - 'The great thing is I got him back to Ireland'

GRAHAM NORTON suffered a double heartbreak over the last few months after saying goodbye to both of his beloved pet dogs.

Speaking to Ian Dempsey on Today FM, Norton opened up about the death of Bailey, his 14-year-old labradoodle, who sadly passed away during lockdown.

"I'd had him for an awfully long time, he was nearly 15. But the great thing is I got him back to Ireland," he said.

"He was really bad in London. I wasn't sure I was going to get him back to Ireland.

"[But] I did, and then he had a little kind of renaissance when he was back there. Y'know there was a bit of jogging on the lawn.

"Even the day he died, he had a big breakfast, and then he got himself down to the stream, kind of at the bottom of the garden, and he went down to the stream and he had a big drink there.

"It was a sunny day. It was lovely.

"And then he had a big sort of seizure, and he never sort of came out of it. So in the end it was quick. He had a really nice life."

The TV host went on to describe how he lost his rescue dog Madge at Christmas last year, and joked that his vet in Ireland had seen enough of him recently.

Earlier in the interview, the 57-year-old offered up a conspiracy theory as to the origins of Covid-19.

As we know, the virus originated from the wet markets of Wuhan in China at the back end of last year, but Norton says he's grown suspicious of a certain video communications company who have - it's fair to say - benefitted from the situation.

"I'm not a conspiracy theorist, but if we're blaming anyone for this, Zoom are top of my list of suspects," he said.

"Who had heard of them?"

Zoom grew to become the go-to platform for video calls between friends and family during the height of lockdown, as nipping down to the pub and hitting the town were replaced with weeks and weeks ... and weeks of non-stop quizzes.

Those were the days.