Greta Thunberg 'extremely likely' to have contracted coronavirus as teenager remains in self-isolation

Greta Thunberg 'extremely likely' to have contracted coronavirus as teenager remains in self-isolation

GRETA THUNBERG says it's "extremely likely" that she has contracted coronavirus after revealing that she's spent the last two weeks in self-isolation.

The Swedish activist explained that she began self-isolating after returning home from her trip around Europe and experiencing some of the symptoms of Covid-19.

Greta's father has also been experiencing symptoms of the virus, but his are "much more intense and with a fever."

"Around ten days ago I started feeling some symptoms, exactly the same time as my father – who traveled with me from Brussels," Thunberg said on Tuesday in an Instagram post.

"I was feeling tired, had shivers, a sore throat and coughed. My dad experienced the same symptoms, but much more intense and with a fever.


"In Sweden you can not test yourself for Covid-19 unless you’re in need of emergent medical treatment.

"Everyone feeling ill are told to stay at home and isolate themselves. I have therefore not been tested for COVID-19, but it’s extremely likely that I’ve had it, given the combined symptoms and circumstances."

After letting everyone know she had almost fully recovered, Ms Thunberg stressed that her symptoms were so mild that she almost didn't realise she had the virus, and insisted that because people might not be aware they are infected, staying at home and social distancing is more important than ever.

"Now I’ve basically recovered, but – AND THIS IS THE BOTTOM LINE: I almost didn’t feel ill.

"Had it not been for someone else having the virus simultainously (sic) I might not even have suspected anything. Then I would just have thought I was feeling unusually tired with a bit of a cough.


"And this it what makes it so much more dangerous. Many (especially young people) might not notice any symptoms at all, or very mild symptoms. Then they don’t know they have the virus and can pass it on to people in risk groups.

"We who don’t belong to a risk group have an enormous responsibility, our actions can be the difference between life and death for many others."

She concluded her message by urging her followers to "follow the advice from experts and your local authorities and #StayAtHome to slow the spread of the virus. And remember to always take care of each other and help those in need."