Remember when Heartbroken young girl made desperate appeal to find beloved teddy lost at Dublin Airport

Remember when Heartbroken young girl made desperate appeal to find beloved teddy lost at Dublin Airport

A HEARTBROKEN nine-year-old girl was appealing for help in finding a beloved cuddly toy that was lost on a visit to Dublin Airport in January 2020.

Update: Remember the lost Teddy bear Throdora in Jauanary 2020, well as we celebrate Teddy Bear Picnic Day (July 10th), we can also bring you the good news that on July 8th 2020, just in time for the Teddy Bear Picnic Day last year, Theodora and Imogen were reunited.

"Theodora arrived in the post from the “Lost and Found Teddy Bear Spa” where she had an incredible steam clean. (Mum wants to know how she got so clean) and now we have the amazing #bearshaped which Imi has read a million times already. Thank you so much "

A Happy Ending !

The original story Jan 2020:
Elizabeth Gardner has taken to social media in an attempt to try and track down her daughter Imogen’s “utterly irreplaceable” teddy pig Theodora.

Writing on Twitter, she appealed to airport workers and those travelling through the airport to keep a close eye out for the well-worn stuffed toy.

“Theodora who was lost in T2 on Thursday afternoon (January 23) between security and preclearance. Can someone help bring her home?” she wrote.

Speaking to Dublin Live, Elizabeth described the beloved teddy, which remains missing at the time of writing.

She said: “She is a pig teddy with a star on her foot and a sewn-on heart to cover a hole (from being cuddled so much) her tail shows signs of repeated sewing back on, and so does her head.

“She was wearing a knitted bright pink scarf, knitted by her young owner. She’s missed by a distraught child. Utterly irreplaceable. Please help,” she added.

The search for Theodora has been further aided by Imogen, who drew an adorably detailed picture of her missing cuddly piggy.

It includes key details like Theodora's "small mouth", "grey/pink fur" and "pink hooves" and notes key details like the fact that the pig's tail and head have been “sewed on countless times”.

Tweeting out alongside the hashtag #findtheodora, if you or anyone you know visited or was working at Dublin airport that particular day, please get in touch.

*Original Story: Jan 29, 2020