Heavy metal guitarist reveals how he saved a fan's life - by spitting beer in their eye

Heavy metal guitarist reveals how he saved a fan's life - by spitting beer in their eye

A HEAVY metal guitarist has revealed how inadvertently helped a fan discover they had a brain tumour after accidentally spitting beer into their eye during a gig.

Jordan Buckley of US metalcore group Every Time I Die took to social media to explain how one of his onstage stunts may have ended up saving the life of a female fan.

The 36-year-old musician explained on Twitter how he was recently confronted by a female fan, who explained that she had been on the front row when he performed the beer-based trick.

At first, Buckley was expecting the woman to chastise him for the practice after she explained that some of the beer ended up going in her eye, forcing her to consult a doctor.

Jordan Buckley on stage with Everytime I Die

But then the story took an interesting turn.

"A lady came up to me and said 'I saw you guys a little bit ago, and you spit beer in the air, and I was in front and some got in my eye'," he wrote.

"I apologised. Said our shows get wacky, never know what's gonna happen. I was probably just trying to mimic someone way cooler than me.

"She said the next day it was still bothering her. And she thought her eye was infected so she went to the doctor. I apologised 10 more times. Braced myself for a lawsuit."

"So she went to the doctor. They did tests. Doctor said she didn't have an eye infection, she had a brain tumour, but they caught it early enough to perform surgery and remove it.

"She said it never would have gotten caught had she not gone in. She then thanked me for saving her life."

First founded back in New York in 1998, the group has released eight albums to date and last visited the UK in May.