Home baker creates 'toilet roll cake' during coronavirus lockdown

Home baker creates 'toilet roll cake' during coronavirus lockdown

ISOLATION is affecting us in all manner of ways, but some are clearly channelling their boredom and potential-for-going-crazy-ness better than others.

One woman has gone viral after baking a 'toilet roll cake'.


Toilet paper has become to us in 2020 what gold was to mid-western Americans in the 19th century.

If you've got some, you're likely the envy of your entire neighbourhood.

But when you can literally chuck some ingredients in the oven and create some for yourself, you're on easy street I suppose.

Kate Pritchett, from Sydney, Australia, created the cake as she says she has had toilet paper "on the mind a lot lately" amid the coronavirus outbreak.

Her husband Michael, posted pictures of the cake on Twitter, writing: "Somebody suggested my wife should make a toilet paper cake. So she did."

His tweet has been liked over 116,000 times since he posted it on April 1.

We must say, the detail is fantastic. If that turned up in a bathroom somewhere there'd be serious trouble!