Homesick Irish lad convinces mammy to smuggle chicken fillet roll and Lucozade from Ireland to Holland

Homesick Irish lad convinces mammy to smuggle chicken fillet roll and Lucozade from Ireland to Holland

A HOMESICK Irishman convinced his mum to sneak him a chicken fillet roll all the way to Holland – but her epic mission didn’t quite go to plan.

Andrew Lowry, who lives in the Netherlands, used the opportunity of his parents coming over to visit to be finally be reunited with the most Irish of delicacies.

He tasked mum Audrey with bringing his lunchtime favourite over to Amsterdam for their first meeting in six months.

Before her covert mission to the Dutch capital got underway, Andrew said: “I don’t know what I’m more excited about. Seeing my parents after six months or getting a chicken fillet roll and a bottle of red Lucozade.”

Maastrict-based Andrew live-tweeted his parents’ journey to deliver the chicken fillet roll last week – but it was far from plain sailing.

Firstly his parents had to sneak the roll through security at Dublin Airport – so far so good.

But the news that their flight had been delayed dismayed Andrew, who was hoping for a bit of warmth from the meal at the other end.

Andrew said: “Let’s hope there wasn’t a mass brawl at 20,000ft to get a hold of the sacred chicken fillet roll.”

Eventually his parents’ flight made it to Holland – but Andrew still wasn’t going to be getting his hands on his beloved meal anytime soon.

He said: “Further delays. The chicken fillet roll has taken an unexpected stop in the town of Sittard due to train delays.

“I like to think of it as the Olympic Torch passing through the towns of Limburg en route to the host. Me.

“The chicken fillet roll is now 7km away from Maastricht. A city famed for The Maastricht Treaty and Andre Rieu.”

Luckily the roll made it through the final leg of its journey undetected, and Andrew was finally reunited with the delights of home.

He said: “LADS!! It’s here,” with a number of crying emojis emphasising just how relieved he was.

He added that the roll and Lucozade were like the “body of Christ”.

Andrew said that he later tried to explain to a colleague just how important the arrival was, with little success.

“Telling a German colleague about the chicken fillet roll, Me: last time I had one I went into a food coma,” he said.

“Him: Oh my god. Were you ok?”

Well done that Irish mammy!