An idyllic 19th century church in Co Donegal has gone on the market for just €65k

An idyllic 19th century church in Co Donegal has gone on the market for just €65k

THE PERFECT property has come on the market for someone seeking a little divine inspiration.

Take a trip to the scenic market town of Castlefinn in Co Donegal and you might encounter something approaching a modern-day miracle.

Tucked away in an area of the town known locally as The Diamond, sits a traditional 19th century Congregational church just aching to be turned into something special.

Once a house of God, this spacious building has been left empty for some time.

And while much of the original interior has been stripped away, crucially the stone brick structure and latticed stain glazed windows remain intact.

Image: Martin McGowan

Which is no mean feat considering the church was built way back in 1870.

A protected building, the church offers a realm of possibilities to the right buyer.

Nestled in one of Ireland’s most scenic regions, if converted properly it could prove to be the perfect family home, spacious and unique with bags of potential and room for plenty of imagination.

Alternatively, the open spaces offered make it a blank canvass to do with as you please.

Image: Martin McGowan

Most intriguing of all, it is listed on real estate agent Martin McGowan’s website for the paltry price of just €65,000.

With church conversions of this kind proving hot property over in the United Kingdom, this could be your chance to buy your own little bit of Irish heaven.

Check out the full listing here.