Imelda May demands closure of fur farms in Ireland

Imelda May demands closure of fur farms in Ireland

IMELDA MAY has demanded a ban on fur farming in Ireland, describing the practice as “barbaric cruelty”.

The Dubliner, known for her Rockabilly music and quirky dress style, has sent a letter to Simon Coveney – Ireland’s Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine – after teaming up with People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA).

She wrote: "Fur farming is a shameful, cruel industry that simply has no place in modern Ireland.

"Almost a quarter-million minks are condemned to a life of suffering on Irish fur farms.

“…[T]his barbaric cruelty is unacceptable in a civilised, progressive country. Ireland needs to stop dragging its feet”.

Last year, Oscar-winning American actress Anjelica Huston also called on Coveney to ban fur farms in Ireland.

The move to introduce a ban on fur farming in Ireland would bring the country into line with nations around the world where the farming is illegal, including in Britain.

“Regulating the industry is not enough – please make Irish people proud and enact an immediate ban on fur farming," May added.

PETA spokesperson Ben Williamson said: "The Irish Government has shown itself to be out of touch by failing to relegate the five remaining Irish mink farms to the history books.

"Imelda represents the views of the majority of Irish people... and we hope that her involvement in this campaign will cause the Government to sit up and pay attention."