Ireland is getting its first-ever drive-in concert

Ireland is getting its first-ever drive-in concert

THIS IS one way to get past social distancing restrictions.

Ireland is preparing to host its first-ever series of drive-in concerts as the coronavirus pandemic continues to put large mass gatherings on hold.

Irish musician Gavin James is taking the show on the road as he prepares to hold a series of socially-distanced concerts across Ireland, starting with Limerick before heading to Cork, Waterford and Kilkenny.

Dubliner Gavin James will make history by performing at Ireland's first-ever series of drive-in concerts (Siobhan Photography)

Mick Dolan, owner of popular Limerick pub and music venue Dolan's and one of the masterminds behind the concept of the drive-in concert, said "The past few months have been a very difficult time for the music industry.

"We are facing into a summer period where the traditional festival offering and big gig line-ups just won't be happening. Limerick deserves something special and something unique to look forward to, so we have teamed up with the local authority to bring the concept of the drive-in concerts to Limerick."

Similar events have recently taken place in South Korea and Germany, where the countries are beginning to ease restrictions implemented to slow the spread of the coronavirus pandemic.

GOYANG, SOUTH KOREA - MAY 23: A concert takes place in South Korea as the country begins easing coronavirus restrictions (Photo by Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images)

Gavin James himself has said he is "delighted" to be taking the unique 'Boxes Drive in Tour', across Ireland, taking to Twitter to say "See yas all at the drive-in!"

Many positive comments began flooding in, with people praising the organisers for 'thinking outside the box'-- excuse the pun-- and helping the entertainment industry to begin recovering in Ireland.

There will be a number of restrictions in place in order to protect people and ensure the concerts do not break Covid-19 guidelines: you can only leave your vehicle to use the on-site toilets, so no dancing on the streets, and alcohol is strictly forbidden.

This of course means the concert atmosphere will not be quite the same as we're used to-- but for a lot of people, the mere promise of being able to hear live music again is enough.

The organisers have also promised more big names will be performing 'Live at the Drive In' in the coming months, so if you're among the thousands disappointed that your planned gigs and festivals have been called off, have no fear-- it's not over yet.

For more information or to buy tickets, you can visit the Live At The Drive In website here.