Ireland has been voted least sexiest nation

Ireland has been voted least sexiest nation

SCR*W YOU Big 7 Travel.

So apparently there’s this new survey, right. Well, I say ‘survey’, that word suggests some form of scientific legitimacy, but that obviously isn’t the case looking at these results.

Anyway, grumble aside, Big 7 Travel have published results from their *ahem* survey, which ranks Ireland LAST in a vote for the world’s sexiest nation.

Have these guys never seen or heard of Michael Fassbender? Colin Farrell? Cillian Murphy? Saoirse Ronan? Nadia Forde? Sarah Bolger? Everyone at Irish Post HQ?

The survey doesn’t actually specify exactly how ‘sexiest’ is judged, nor does it determine precisely how many people were surveyed, other than saying it "sampled" some of their 1.5 million readership, but still .... last. Really?

Ireland came 50th out of 50 countries, which isn’t awful on a global stage - considering there are close to 200 countries overall - but to be beaten by the likes of Croatia and Belgium (who came 49th and 48th respectively) hurts. (No disrespect to Croats or Belgians, we just think we’re sexier than you)

Even if the Irish people aren’t considered to have the most beautiful faces around, I think our reputation speaks for itself that we’re around the warmest and friendliest of nations out there.

Not to mention, the Emerald Isle itself is pretty sexy. Our mountains are pretty sexy, our coastlines are pretty sexy, our culture is pretty sexy, our history is pretty sexy.

I mean, how did Scotland, Wales and England beat us??

Here’s the top 10, anyway.

10th. Canadian
9th. English
8th. Armenian
7th. Italian
6th. South African
5th. Australian
4th. Brazilian
3rd. Filipino
2nd. Danish
1st. Ukrainian

See the full list here