Ireland’s weirdest and most wonderful Deliveroo orders have been revealed

Ireland’s weirdest and most wonderful Deliveroo orders have been revealed

FEW THINGS can come between the Irish and their food.

Whether it's a motorway breakdown, newborn baby and even Mass, if the people of Ireland are hungry they will find a way to eat, come hell or high water.

And if any proof of that were needed then takeaway delivery app Deliveroo's newly-published list of the most unusual customer requests should provide it.

It's packed full of examples of Irish folk going above and beyond to get their grub and it's hilarious from start to finish.

Here are just five of the more memorable orders and the distinctly Irish instruction that came with them.

5. Breakdown Assistance

When one Dubliner broke down on the M50 they were left for 45 minutes while breakdown assistance arrived. In a demonstration of the kind of quick thinking the Irish are famous for, he decided to order a takeaway from Deliveroo with a note advising the delivery driver to "Look out for the broken down Fiesta".

4. Food on mass

In Cork City, one family decided to celebrate the festive season with a takeaway on Christmas Eve. Thankfully they didn't forget the real reason for their gathering, ordering their grab to pick up after they went to church.  "No earlier than one hour’s time as we are going to mass now," the instructions read. Praise be.

3. A Fresh Arrival

A young couple in Galway City Centre celebrated their new arrival with a meal from Mum's favourite restaurant. Eager to avoid the ire of the hardworking hospital staff who may have been unhappy at them turning their nose up at the grub on hand, the new dad snuck outside the entrance to meet the delivery driver. Nice work.

2. Happy Birthday to you

Sometimes its the thought that counts. Like when one family in Sandycove decided to make their daughter's birthday with a takeaway and a distinctly Irish twist. Given our proclivity for a sing-song, they requested the delivery man hand over their food while giving a rousing rendition of Happy Birthday. He was happy to oblige.

1. Don't trust anyone

The Irish can be a suspicious bunch, so the story of one female Dubliner who asked for a pizza to be delivered to her house with some specific instructions was one that chimed with us. With the pizza set to arrive home before her, she asked that the driver hide it for her in a bid to stop her greedy, thieving housemates from helping themselves.

“Please, please, please hide my pizza under my car as I won’t be there and my house mates keep eating my food!” she said in the note section. Better to be safe than sorry.