Irish American groom caught sexually assaulting bridesmaid by fiancee two days before wedding - which still went ahead!

Irish American groom caught sexually assaulting bridesmaid by fiancee two days before wedding - which still went ahead!

AN IRISH AMERICAN man was caught sexually assaulting a blacked-out bridesmaid by his wife-to-be just two days before they were due to get married.

Remarkably, the wedding still went ahead.

According to the Washington Post, Daniel Carney from Pennsylvania was charged on Thursday with one felony count of involuntary deviate sexual intercourse with an unconscious person, one misdemeanor count of simple assault, and another misdemeanor for indecent assault without consent of other.

During a kind of hen/stag collaboration, Daniel and his fiancee took members of the wedding party on a boozy rafting trip just 48 hours before the big day.

Police were told that groomsman and bridesmaids alike were drinking and partying into the early hours.

The 29-year-old bridesmaid who was allegedly assaulted claimed that she blacked out a number of times during the evening, and at one point, woke up to find Carney on top of her in the locker room shower of Shawnee Inn.

Police heard that the groom lead the woman to the showers, before forcibly grabbing her, biting her and taking her bikini bottoms off.

She told officers she felt "extremely violated and upset".

It was Carney's fiancee who walked in on them, screaming at him when she realised what was happening.

It's reported that another bridesmaid then entered to help the victim escape the room.

The following day, she went to hospital to report that she'd been assaulted, which is when the police were contacted.

State trooper Justin Leri wrote in a police report: "The [CCTV] footage showed the victim and the accused walking down the hallway, with the victim extremely unsteady on her feet and swaying.

"Just before the doorway, the accused is observed turning around and pulling the victim into the locker room."

Reportedly, the following morning Carney phoned the bridesmaid to apologise and encouraged her to 'put on a brave face' for the sake of the wedding and for the sake of his fiancee.

He claimed he did not remember what had happened the night before.

Despite the fact that the couple were married the next day, police were keen to investigate the issue further, and received permission from the Monroe County District Attorney to listen in to a phone call between Carney and his alleged victim the day after the wedding.

During the call, he apologized to her and confessed to assaulting her.