Irish celebrity chef vows to reopen in July regardless of restrictions in anger at 'incompetent' government

Irish celebrity chef vows to reopen in July regardless of restrictions in anger at 'incompetent' government

A WELL-KNOWN Irish chef has promised to reopen his restaurant on 1 July regardless of the restrictions which may be in place at that time.

Paul Treyvaud, a celebrity chef popular in Ireland and the owner of Treyvaud's Restaurant in Killarney, County Kerry, has vowed to reopen in July as it is the only way to save his business.

"I have decided I am opening my restaurant July 1st no matter what," he said in an angry and frustrated series of Tweets posted yesterday evening. "That gives them 4 months to sort out everything."

Taking aim at an "incompetent" government, Treyvaud said "I've done everything I've been told to do" over the past year since the pandemic began.

But "55k came in from [the UK] with that variant, now over 1500 from Brazil.

"The problem is no longer us, it's an incompetent Gov."

Ireland experienced a dangerous and prolonged surge in infections in late December and early January, with the spike attributed largely to indoor gatherings and people coming home for Christmas from abroad.

It was found that more than 55,000 people travelled to Ireland from abroad, and the UK variant of the disease-- thought to be much more transmissible than the original-- is now the dominant strain in Ireland.

3 cases of the Brazilian variant has also been identified in Ireland in recent days directly linked to travel from Brazil, while the country is calling for mandatory hotel quarantine to be brought in for those travelling from abroad-- something the government is currently working on.

Paul Treyvaud continued that with a date in his head that he knows he will reopen, "it's put everything at ease.

"I am prepared to be arrested if need be. I no longer care."

The celebrity chef continued, "I’m not a conspiracy nut job so don’t bother telling me to open up now," but "I’ve done the maths and if I’m not open by then, everything is gone."

"I’ve no intention of losing everything I’ve worked my life for because these idiots can’t close airports, ports or agree on boarders (sic).

"I’m so angry, annoyed and have lost all hope with the people running the show. So that’s it. I’m opening my restaurant for indoor dining 1/7/21."

Mr Treyvaud added that he is not telling any other business to do the same, but "there is strength in numbers".

The chef is not the first person in Ireland to attempt to reopen before the government allowed-- in July last year, a publican in County Limerick opened his doors to serve alcohol only, at a time when only restaurants and pubs which served a susbtantial meal were allowed to open.

Gearóid Whelan's pub in Newcastle West remained open for several hours as he tried to prove he could operate his business in a safe manner, but was shut down by gardaí by lunch time on the same day.