Irish company unveils bed that sleeps you and your dog

Irish company unveils bed that sleeps you and your dog

THEY SAY a dog is a man’s best friend and few appreciate that more than the Irish.

The people of Ireland have always been suckers for an adorable hound, while the Emerald Isle is home to a whole host of different dog breeds.

All of which may go some way to explaining this rather fetching new product from Anderson’s Themes and Dreams.

The days of leaving your dog downstairs or curled up, rather uncomfortably, near your feet are over thanks to a new range of hand-painted beds that come complete with a built-in pet house.

Available as a single, double or king size, the tiny pet house built into the underside of the frame is the perfect fit for a four-legged friend looking to stay close to his human companions.

Owners, meanwhile, can sleep safe in the knowledge that their furry mate is safe, secure and not tearing the entire house to shreds.


That sort of peace of mind doesn’t come cheap though, with the price of these pet-friendly beds starting at €808.68 and rising depending on size.

Think of it as an investment though, with the new dog house ensuring barking and other yowls are kept to a minimum.

Just make sure your dog is toilet trailed before you move him into his new abode.

Otherwise, things could get very messy and very smelly, very quickly.

One thing is for sure: you’re sure to raise the woof with this one.