Irish farmer finds secret 100-person rave on his property

Irish farmer finds secret 100-person rave on his property

A CO. MEATH farmer was left in shock after coming across of group of around one hundred people having a pop-up rave on his property over the weekend.

Darragh McCullough made the discovery around 6am on Sunday as he went up into the field to for the morning harvest.

He approached the ravers, informing them that they were on private property, at which point they apparently packed up and left without incident.

"We landed into the field ready to go, with the combine and tractors and trailers and everything else, only to be greeted by a couple of hundred, I reckon, at least a hundred, raver," Mr McCullough told the Irish Times.

"They were having a great time, it was just the dregs of the party. I should have seen the warning signs.

"When I was driving down the road I saw a group of stragglers at a random bus stop out in the middle of nowhere. I was going, 'where did those guys come out of?’"

As he headed further down the road to reach the far end of the farm, Mr McCullough turned a corner to find  a bunch of taxis and vans, picking party-goers up as they began to filter out.

"These guys were set up proper, they had vans, they had decks, they had huge amps and speakers, this was no messing. I guess a degree of the crowd had dispersed as well." he added.

The party had been set up inside the walls of an old ruin, pointing out to sea. That, as well as the site being about 700m from the main road, meant being heard - or seen - was extremely unlikely.

"It could have got ugly, if there’s booze involved and suddenly I got in and told everyone to clear off… I was amazed that basically everybody said OK, sorry about that, and headed for the gate," McCullough said.

"The party was in the ruin so they confined themselves to the ruin, they weren’t out trampling the crop. OK, there was an odd beer can around the field, but that’s nothing new."


In an effort to escort any stragglers from his farm, McCullough got talking to some of the revellers, only to realise that they were all Brazilian.

"A number of the partygoers went around with black bin liners, they came prepared with black bin liners, and picked up all the rubbish. I got talking to a few of them because I wanted to make sure that no stragglers were hanging around, so I kind of escorted them out of the site," he said.

"It turned out they were all Brazilian and most of them were students, some professionals, there were Five Series BMWs there, so they weren’t all hard up students looking for a cheap night out."