Irish prefer to head abroad than visit landmarks at home

Irish prefer to head abroad than visit landmarks at home

NOT only do Irish people struggle to identify counties on a map of Ireland, but a quarter of us have been to more landmarks abroad than on our own fair isle.

Jurys Inn hotels have conducted a survey into Irish people’s knowledge of local places and landmarks – and the results are in.

They reveal that one in four Irish people have visited more landmarks abroad than in Ireland; with a whopping 60 per cent admitting they have never seen the passage tombs of Newgrange in Co. Meath.

More than half (55 per cent) have never visited Galway’s Aran Islands and 45 per cent of those surveyed have yet to kiss the Blarney Stone.

But it is not only landmarks that Irish people are failing in their knowledge of - it is also geography.

Over a third of the people tested failed to identify Cavan on a map, while one in five were puzzled when asked to point out Mayo.

82 per cent of those surveyed believe Doodys Bottom in Co. Wicklow is not a real place, while 64 per cent have never heard of the wonderfully named Bastardstown area of Co. Wexford.

Despite these remarkable figures, 72 per cent of respondents admitted they are keen to explore more of the Emerald Isle.

Suzanne Cannon, of the Jurys Inn Group, said: “Ireland has a host of great cities that blend rich history with vibrant culture. So we’re making it our mission to encourage Irish people to explore the landmarks that are right under our nose!”