Irish pub in Scotland condemned for posting picture snowman dressed as IRA terrorist

Irish pub in Scotland condemned for posting picture snowman dressed as IRA terrorist

AN IRISH pub in Scotland has been condemned for posting a picture of a snowman seemingly dressed up as an IRA terrorist. 

Kelly’s Irish Bar in Glasgow reportedly posted an image of a snowman decked out in a balaclava and assault rifle along with an Irish flag on its official Facebook page. 

It was posted alongside the caption: "Hope you're all enjoying the weather. Say hello to the Snovos."  

The caption was an apparent play-on-words for the provisional IRA.  

At the time of writing, it remained unclear as to whether staff at the Irish pub had constructed the offending snowman themselves or the image was taken from elsewhere. 

Whatever the case, the post left many in Glasgow angry and upset. 

Scottish Conservative shadow justice secretary Liam Kerr was among those to criticise the pub for appearing to make light of the terrorist group and the Troubles in Northern Ireland. 

"Anyone who celebrates or makes light of terrorism is despicable. We all want to live in a Scotland that is tolerant and inclusive," Kerr told the Scottish Sun.  

The offending image was reportedly shared among the 8,600 Facebook users who currently follow the pub on the social media platform. 

Many reportedly shared the image alongside laughing emojis. 

At least one anonymous Facebook user was left disturbed by the post. 

"What a way to run a business. It’s sickening,” they told the Scottish Sun. 

Kelly’s Facebook page has since been deleted in the wake of the furore. 

It’s not the first time the pub has courted controversy on social media. 

They previously posted an image of UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson along with the caption  "Stay home, protect the NHS, save lives, except Tory b*****d's".