Irish public told to ignore Van Morrison's 'unhelpful' messages about Covid-19

Irish public told to ignore Van Morrison's 'unhelpful' messages about Covid-19

THE IRISH people have been warned not to pay attention to Van Morrison's advice about Covid-19.

The Northern Irish singer recently recorded three anti-lockdown songs, in which he makes some bizarre suggestions and talks of his dislike of government regulations surrounding the pandemic.

He claims that the virus is being used to "enslave" the population, has accused scientists of "making up crooked facts" and has branded the UK government "facist bullies".

A number of Northern Irish politicians have criticised the Belfast-native's messages, urging the public to ignore his advice and continue following public health guidelines.

First Minister Arlene Foster said: "He has decided to write some protest songs around lockdown. I don't agree with his messaging, obviously.

"But we live in a free country and therefore it is his right to write those songs.


"What I'm asking people to do is to look at that in the context of art and entertainment, whereas we're giving you a message based on science and data and the best advice that we have."

She added that she hoped the public would heed the advice issued by her and Deputy First Minister Michelle O'Neill who said that the songs were "unhelpful".

Mrs O’Neill added: "We’re trying to save lives based on the best medical and scientific advice that we have and we'll continue to do that."

Last week, Belfast City councillor Emmet McDonough-Brown called on the local authority to revoke Van Morrisons Freedom of Belfast honour, which was given to him back in 2013 in recognition of his achievements. 

"Van Morrison was given the freedom of Belfast, the highest honour the city can bestow," McDonough-Brown said. 

"His most recent lyrics undermine the guidance in place to protect lives and are ignorant of established science as we grapple with Covid-19. 

"So I've asked Belfast City Council to consider revoking it."