Irish rockers Aslan cancel British gigs due to coronavirus concerns for lead singer

Irish rockers Aslan cancel British gigs due to coronavirus concerns for lead singer

THE Irish rock group Aslan have postponed planned gigs in Birmingham and Liverpool this month due to concerns over the spread of coronavirus.
Lead singer Christy Dignam, who is diagnosed with incurable cancer, has been advised not to travel to Britain for the scheduled tour dates due to his "compromised immune system" in light of the continuing spread of the potentially fatal disease across Britain and Europe.

Dignam and the band were due to play Birmingham's Norton's Bar on March 13 and Liverpool's Arts Centre on March 14, as part of both cities' build up to their St Patrick's Day celebrations.

Aslan frontman Christy Dignam has a rare form of incurable cancer (Pics: Chris Egan)
In a statement made today the band confirmed: "Due to Christy's compromised immune system and the current situation with coronavirus, unfortunately, we will have to reschedule our dates in Birmingham and Liverpool."
They added: "We have to take Christy's medical team's advice on this and we hope we can reschedule the date very soon.
"Thank you to everyone for understanding our position in this and we apologise but it is a matter that is beyond our control."
Dignam's medical condition has been well documented over the years.
In 2012 he was admitted to hospital with a chest infection, which then developed into pneumonia.
Following a number of tests it was discovered that he was suffering from a rare form of cancer for which he now receives chemotherapy.
Talking to The Irish Post earlier this year about his condition, Dignam claimed it would not be the cancer that kills him but "something else".
"I have the cancer, but last year I nearly died of sepsis and it will probably be something like that that ends up killing me, but if I dwell on that it won't do any good, I'd never go out the door," he said.
Aslan have advised that all tickets for the Birmingham and Liverpool gigs can be held for a new date or refunds can be issued from the point of purchase.