Irish rugby fans arrested in Tokyo over suspected heroin possession

Irish rugby fans arrested in Tokyo over suspected heroin possession

TWO IRISH rugby fans have been arrested in Tokyo on suspicion of violating Japan’s strict drug control laws.

According to local media reports, the two men were found in possession of heroin at a karaoke bar in the Shinjuku region of Tokyo this past Friday night, September 27.

The two men reportedly arrived in Japan a week prior and had been planning on visiting the

Shizuoka Prefecture for Ireland’s Rugby World Cup clash with Japan.

An employee of the karaoke bar contacted the police after finding a man lying unconscious in one of the venue’s booths.

Upon arrival police found the two men in possession of heroin, which was found attached to a binder.

One of the men is said to be in his 20s while the other is in his 30s.

The latter of the two suspects was taken to hospital following their arrest.

The two men are said to have denied the allegations of heroin possession.

They now face an anxious wait to discover their face.

Under anti-narcotics laws in Japan, the authorities are legally entitled to hold the pair for an initial period lasting anywhere up to 28 days.

A prosecutor will then be tasked with determining whether a formal hearing is required.

If a hearing does take place, the men could face deportation, a hefty fine or even prison time if found guilty.