Irish senator calls for cull of "vicious" seagulls

Irish senator calls for cull of "vicious" seagulls

SEAGULLS have made it into the Dáil in Ireland once more – and it is not for a good reason.

Irish senator Denis O’Donovan has called for a cull of the “vicious” birds, a year on from last summer’s seagull terror.

Senator O’Donovan spoke of how seagulls are stealing people’s food – and in one case, one gull even managed to steal a woman’s phone in Dublin’s Botanic Gardens.

“I think it is coming to the stage where they are endangering society,” he told the Seanad on Monday (July 20).

The problem is also emerging in Britain, after the Prime Minister said that a “big conversation” is needed in order to put a plan in place to deal with the seagulls.

“No lesser a person than the prime minster of our neighbours David Cameron has come out publicly to record his concerns and his worry about the way the seagulls are behaving,” Senator O’Donovan added in his address.

Just two weeks ago in Cornwall, a devastated family was forced to put their Yorkshire terrier down after the small dog was viciously attacked by seagulls, which prompted the Prime Minister to speak out on the issue.

Despite the severity of the seagull problem in both Britain and Ireland, not everyone is taking the issue seriously.

A Twitter account, @DublinSeagulls, has seen renewed interest since the birds made headlines once more.

The account was set up last year in a mockery of the reaction of Ireland’s politicians to the crisis.

Meanwhile, a seagull chick managed to get inside the Government buildings this morning in Ireland. It is believed the young gull was born in a nest on the roof of Leinster House and managed to get in one of the windows.

The seagull is too young to fly and sat on a ledge overlooking a stairs leading to the committee rooms where Ireland’s banking inquiry is taking place until it was removed.