Irish stabbing attack victim Cian Murphy released from hospital after Dundalk knife frenzy

Irish stabbing attack victim Cian Murphy released from hospital after Dundalk knife frenzy

AN IRISHMAN injured in a frenzied knife ambush in Dundalk yesterday has been released from hospital.

Cian Murphy, 22, was the second of three people to be attacked when he was stabbed on Coes Road in the city at around 9.30am on Wednesday.

The first victim, 24-year-old Japanese national Yosuke Sasaki, was knifed to death as he walked to work with headphones on less than a mile away.

A third victim – a 23-year-old Irish citizen – remains in hospital after being attacked with an iron bar at around 9.40am.

Gardaí believe all three incidents were perpetrated by an 18-year-old Egyptian national who arrived in Ireland via Scotland on January 1 after seeking asylum in the UK.

They do not believe the incident was terror-related.

Anne McEntegart, one of the first people to tend to the third victim of yesterday’s attacks, said the victim was drenched in blood after being stabbed.

“At around 9.35am a young 23-year-old covered in blood entered the pharmacy,” she told the Dundalk Democrat.

“He was in the store for 40 minutes and was able to tell us that he had been assaulted so we called the guards and they responded very quickly.

“There was a trail of blood from the door and at that point myself and another colleague took him through to the consultation room because we were afraid he would collapse.

“There was a lot of blood. At that stage he got quite upset and looked like he was going in to shock.

"He couldn't remember his mother's number but he was able to give us his mobile.

Japanese native Yosuke Sasaki was the first person attacked and the only person killed (Picture: Garda Info/Twitter)

“We rang his mother and she came very quickly and was here before the ambulance.

"He was able to walk out to the ambulance but he was taken away in it to be treated”.

She added: “I can't praise the Gardaí enough”.

Speaking on Thursday afternoon, Minister for Justice and Equality Charlie Flanagan said: “I want to express my sympathy with those affected by yesterday’s attacks
in Dundalk in which a young man from Japan, Yosuke Sasaki, was killed.

“Our thoughts are with his family and friends at this difficult time.

"I want to wish those who were injured a speedy recovery and thank the Gardaí in Dundalk who responded to the attacks.

"An arrest was made yesterday morning shortly after the attacks took place and a young Egyptian man remains in custody.

"There has, understandably, been speculation and concern about the motivation for this attack.

"I welcome An Garda Síochána’s statement in this regard and would caution against drawing judgements until the Gardaí can establish the facts in the course of their

"The Gardaí are carrying out a full and urgent investigation into these attacks, and that must be allowed to take its course”.

Mr Flanagan added: “This is a live criminal investigation and nothing should be said that would impinge on that investigation.

"Anyone who has any concerns about crime or suspicious behaviour should contact the Gardaí immediately.”