Is this the worst pint of Guinness in the world?

Is this the worst pint of Guinness in the world?

A NEW contender for the title of world’s worst pint of Guinness has emerged.

Badly-poured pints of the black stuff are a constant source of morbid fascination for people from Ireland.

While there is an undeniable craft to the pouring of a proper Guinness, some efforts have proven so disastrous down the years, the results almost beggar belief.

London is a city particularly synonymous with terrible pints of Guinness.

Maybe it’s down to the large Irish contingent residing in the English capital or the sheer number of pubs on offer, but when it comes to bad pints of iconic stout, London has got it covered.

Proof, if needed, comes courtesy of the inspired Twitter account ‘S**t London Guinness’ and its selection of pictures posted by people across the city of the black stuff monstrosities they have endured since arriving there.

With pubs reopening across the capital following the easing of Covid-19 restrictions, Guinness lovers far and wide have been flocking to their favourite watering holes for a freshly-poured pint of the black stuff.

But it hasn’t always quite gone to plan as comedy writer James Parker recently discovered.

He caused quite a stir on social media after sharing a picture of himself alongside an utterly bizarre pint of Guinness.

Though the London-based comedy writer was smiling in the resulting image, there was very little to laugh about when it came to his pint.

Served in a strange hybrid of flower vase held up in a wooden stand that wouldn’t have looked out of place in a science lab, the pint’s only saving grace was the fact that it came with a perfect amount of head.

Not that Park was focusing on that though.

“Been a month since I had the worst pint of Guinness in the world,” he wrote alongside the image, which has been liked over 2,300 times.

While some may defend it against the tag of worst pint of Guinness in the world, plenty on Twitter agreed with his sentiment.

“Please tell me you didn’t pay for that,” one wrote.

Another asked: ‘In a f**king Kwak stagecoach glass no less. Why? Why for f**k’s sake? Just, WHY?’

A third added: @That “pint” probably the worse thing to happen to the Ireland since Cromwell. I feel i need to report it someone.”

Despite London’s reputation for terrible pints of Guinness, however, the worst culprit may have come in Ireland and Dublin of all places.

It came at Dublin Airport back in April 2019 and really has to be seen to be believed.