It’s National Beer Lover's Day

It’s National Beer Lover's Day

IT’S THE most wonderful time of the year – for beer lovers. 

Because September 7 is officially Beer Lover’s Day, a day of celebration for the world’s most popular alcoholic beverage. 

The day itself was created to celebrate beer in all its forms. 

From the rich brewing traditions that have survived centuries to the exciting new methods and flavours coming to the fore in more modern times. 

Best of all, there’s really only one requirement on Beer Lover’s Day – that you enjoy a well-earned cold one either in the company of friends or in a more peaceful moment. 

In previous years, Beer Lover’s Day has been about three very specific activities: 

Enjoying a beer or two with friends. 

Embarking on a pub crawl. 

Taking a tour of a local brewery and sampling the goods. 

While the current global pandemic may have put paid to a few of those options, some breweries are already reopened to visitors while a beer or two with friends is very much possible – providing the necessary precautions are taken. 


Ultimately, whatever you choose to do, the only thing you need to make sure is included is a few beers. Or maybe even one. 

Best enjoyed cold in either a glass, bottle or can, it’s also worth remembering that drinking beer as been proven by scientists to trigger the development of dopamine in the brain. 

It’s also the ideal reward after a hard day of work, childcare or whatever else life may be throwing at you. 

Just remember to drink in moderation. 

Oh, and make sure you opt for an Irish beer. None of that English stuff. 

Last, but not least, every pint should be toasted with the traditional Irish declaration of “Sláinte!”