The Jockey's Journal: Riding that winner on Quiet Reflection was like a dream come true

The Jockey's Journal: Riding that winner on Quiet Reflection was like a dream come true

ON May 28, I was lucky enough to enjoy a real career highlight on board the magnificent Quiet Reflection at Haydock.

The Karl Burke-trained filly was on fire as I defied the odds to romp home and to take victory in the Group 2 Sandy Lane Stakes.

On the morning of the race, we weren't given a prayer. In fact, one of the punters said bringing Quiet Reflection to the Sandy Lane was like 'bringing a knife to a gun fight'.

That was his view, he was doing a TV show and they're probably encouraged to fire out lines like that. For him, when he seen the result and how far the filly won by must have been pretty sickening.

She absolutely sliced the field up, so I suppose it was a bit like bringing a knife to the show. We won by three and a half lengths – absolutely demolished the field.

As a jockey, to ride something like that was unbelievable. It's something you dream of all through your career, from the minute you get on a thoroughbred to the second it happens.

If someone was to ask me what's the perfect way to ride a horse, I'd say 'if there's 12 runners I'd like to drop in to 10th until I get to the two furlong marker, then pull out, press the 'boost' button and go, go, go.

That would be my dream way to ride a horse and it just so happened to come true for me on Saturday last; it was such an unbelievable feeling.

I can barely put into words what it felt like. That ignition, the way she picked up instantly and went through the gears, it was just explosive. I suppose it was like sitting in an Aston Martin or a Lamborghini and just being able to put the boot down a mile from the finish line.

The hair stands on your neck. As a kid, sitting on a race horse for the first time, this is the reason you want to get into the sport in the first place, and the fact that it was a Group 2 race, for me that was a big deal.

Jordan Vaughan is the young lad who looks after Quiet Reflection. He's a young apprentice jockey of Karl Burke's who has done everything in the yard with this filly since she turned two years old.

Jordan is a very good young lad who you know loves his racing because of how much pride he takes in his horse. He loves this filly, he even missed out on some rides in England just to go to France with her.

It's really great to see that enthusiasm because there is a limited number of staff available in racing these days, and some of the staff are very, very young – in their late teens and early 20s.

They're housed with a lot of responsibility, to look after these £1million horses, it's a huge ask. But to see Jordan take so much pride in Quiet Reflection, it gives me a great kick as well.

I'm also very grateful to the Burke family and team to be put in a position like this, and long may it last.