Joe Biden's Irish cousins say they hope Americans 'do the right thing' and elect him as president

Joe Biden's Irish cousins say they hope Americans 'do the right thing' and elect him as president

JOE BIDEN'S Irish relatives have encouraged Americans to get out and vote Democratic on Tuesday as the nation gets set for one of the most emotionally charged presidential elections in history.

Polls will open on Tuesday morning across the country, and Biden's cousins say they hope voters "do the right thing" and elect the Democratic nominee to office, according to the Irish Independent.

Biden - who has always identified as an Irish Catholic - discovered the full extent of Irish heritage during a state visit in 2016 when he was Vice President.

His family roots stretch from the Cooley peninsula on the east coast of Ireland to the town of Ballina in the west.

Biden’s great-grandfather, James Finnegan, emigrated from Co. Louth as a child, in 1850.

Of Biden's 16 great-grandparents, 10 were born in Ireland, including in Counties Louth and Mayo, and the Democrat has often spoken fondly of his Irish roots, famously saying "Northeast Pennsylvania will be written on my heart, but Ireland will be written on my soul".

During his presidential campaign, Biden has even referenced his Irish relatives - who have unsurprisingly endorsed him.

But not all of the extended Biden family thinks he's the right man for the job though.

Over the weekend, 74-year-old Ralph Biden, the former Vice President's English cousin claimed the presidential hopeful was "too old for the job".

He told The Times that despite the family ties, he's not entirely sure Biden should be elected, or even be standing for that matter.

Ralph said: "In my heart of hearts he's a little bit too old for the job, but then again Winston Churchill was about the same age when he was elected again after the war and he didn't do a bad job, so who knows."