Krispy Kreme are giving away free doughnuts in Dublin today!

Krispy Kreme are giving away free doughnuts in Dublin today!

KRISPY KREME are celebrating National Doughnut Day in style by offering Dubliners the chance to grab yourself a free one.

Their store in Blanchardstown are promoting this fabulous day by handing out a load of delicious original glazed doughnuts, free of charge. Yum.

But there’s a catch, you have to prove that you’re ‘a believer’ by uttering a secret code.

Don't worry though, we’ll tell you what it is. (Just promise to send a box our way the next time you’re in the area.)

To claim your treat, you’ll need to download this barcode, and when you’re in the store, walk up to the counter, and softly whisper in the cashier’s ear “I believe the world is shaped like a doughnut.”

Ok, you probably don’t have to whisper it, but if they’ve got a sense of humour they might just give you a second one!

The whole thing stems from the belief that the universe is doughnut-shaped - a common theory first put forward in the 1980s.

Krispy Kreme however have taken things a step further and are claiming they believe it’s our planet that’s doughnut shaped, not just the universe.

They only want to give their doughnuts to fellow believers - hence the secret code.

So if you’re in Blanchardstown centre, hurry hurry hurry!