'Lads we don't know how easy we have it' - Irish emigrant in New York longs for home in hilarious letter

'Lads we don't know how easy we have it' - Irish emigrant in New York longs for home in hilarious letter

AN IRISH emigrant in New York has has written a hilarious post on his longing for home since arriving in the city. 

User CherryPieMix took to Reddit yesterday to share their 'threatening' experience so far.

They said: "Staying in New York at the moment and Jesus Christ there's a new threat around every corner.

"First it was the -15C weather that managed to overpower the central heating in my room.

"Woke up puffing clouds of mist and with my hands and lips dryer than your aul one's gr*wler.

"Next up, we have the bed bugs. I was just at a cinema that was reported to have bed bugs a while back and now I'm sh*tting myself thinking we might possibly have an infestation. The movie wasn't even that good so it wasn't worth it!"

Cockroach war on breakfast 

The next problem CherryPieMix says is the impending threat of cockroaches in their accommodation.

"Oh and I love my porridge in the morning, but man it's awful lumpy because I can't leave it out to soak overnight without fear of attractive cockroaches.

"We've already seen one of the f*ckers around the kitchen, so now we might have roaches to go with the bed bugs.

"Hopefully they'll start a species war with each other and one will eradicate the other."

The mail - and lack thereof 

"Did I mention that the post comes at all f*cking hours? I've been waiting on a package the last few days that I need to sign for and haven't been able to leave the house until after 3pm because I've been waiting on the mail man."

Ireland's got its problems but... 

"Ireland's got its problems but as far as living goes it's pretty simple. We don't know how easy we have it. Everything is so f*cking complicated over here it's unbelievable.

"I miss the days of having a euro and being able to go in and buy something that costs exactly a euro.

"A dollar doesn't get you sh*t here! Because it's really $1.18.

"Hug your ma and take an extra big sh*te in your toilet this evening for me lads, because I can't do the former and have to be careful about the latter considering the toilets here clog if you look at them."

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