Legendary Irish pub in heart of Ibiza’s West End to close after 50 years

Legendary Irish pub in heart of Ibiza’s West End to close after 50 years

A POPULAR Irish pub located in the heart of Ibiza’s legendary party district is closing its doors after 50 years of trade. 

Ever since opening way back in 1970, Joe Spoons Irish Pub had been a popular stop-off for families and friends holidaying on the popular Balearic island. 

Famed for memorable nights of Irish music as well as one of the best places to watch sporting events far and wide, Joe Spoons retained an unmistakable Irish feel to it. 

It was somewhere visitors felt comfortable whether as part of a big night out or as a place to enjoy a couple of pints in the company of a few close pals. 

NowJoe Spoons Irish Pub is set to close for good, with the owners announcing the news in a heartfelt message to staff and customers that confirmed the decision was not related to the recent coronavirus lockdown. 

The statement read: "Joe Spoons Ibiza, also known as Music Bar by many, hereby announces that it is closing its doors forever, after almost 50 years of work. This decision had already been taken prior to the Covid-19 outbreak and is not derived from the pandemic nor from its dire consequences. 

"The only thing the present situation has done is to slow down the closing process due to bureaucratic motives. The reasons for this decision are of a different nature and are down to the difficulties we encounter in carrying out our style of work in the current West End. 

"But this note is not for complaints and reproaches, it is a thank you note, because we want to say thank you to all those who have formed and are part of this great family that has gradually forged itself over the last nearly 50 years. We would like to be able to name everyone, but that is a task that is impossible for us, since the list is endless. 

"We want to start by giving thanks to all the managers, who have dedicated many hours and much effort, both in good times and bad. thanks to each and every one of the waiters and cleaning for their great work, and to the DJ's and musicians for giving their all in every session or performance. 

"We also want to give thanks to suppliers, reps and deliverymen, who have helped to make our job easier. And thanks to the famous Joe Duffy for being co-founder of this Pub and a great musician. 

"Finally, we want to say thank you to the most fundamental pillar of this great family, our loyal customers, who year after year have never failed us and have shared great moments with us in this great little Irish Pub, making the famous Irish craic a reality every day and every summer since 1970. Thanks a million!" 

According to Belfast Live, the pub got its distinctive name from an encounter involving former owner Pep Ribas and a man he discovered singing and playing music with just two spoons. 

Evidently impressed, he invited the man to perform live at his venue in exchange for a few drinks. 

He went down a storm, prompting Pep to invite him back again and again and again. 

Eventually, he decided to give the man, who turned out to be the legendary Joe Duffy, half the bar. 

Over the following decades the legend of Joe Spoons was born, with the venue hosting many a memorable night with Joe on the mic, wowing patrons.

Pep passed away a decade-and-a-half ago but the pub was still owned by his daughter until its closure with Joe serving as a silent partner.