Leo Varadkar meets Jimmy Fallon during tour of Tinseltown designed to boost Irish film industry

Leo Varadkar meets Jimmy Fallon during tour of Tinseltown designed to boost Irish film industry

LEO VARADKAR paid a visit to the set of The Tonight Show this week where he met with the show’s proud Irish American host, Jimmy Fallon.

The Taoiseach posed for a picture with Fallon as part of his stop-off at the NBC studios to discuss potential production opportunities in Ireland.

The Irish politician is in New York for the United Nations Climate Action summit and took the chance to try and seek out further opportunities.

He posted a picture of himself alongside Fallon on Instagram with the chat host and comedian only too happy to sit alongside the Taoiseach.

"Live from New York!” Varadkar wrote in the caption alongside the post.

"Had a very good meeting with NBC in NYC about production opportunities in Ireland.

"Also had the pleasure of meeting Jimmy Fallon, an absolute gentleman who’s very proud of his Irish heritage."

Ireland has emerged as something of a hotbed for big budget film and television productions in recent years with both Game of Thrones and Star Wars filming there.

Varadkar is using his trip to US to explore opportunities to try and grow the Irish film and television industry out.

The Taoiseach is set to meet with executives from the likes of Netflix, Hulu, Skydance and Fox Searchlight as the Irish government looks to make good of its promise to double the size of the sector in Ireland.

Tax breaks and other financial incentives are being offered to those production companies filming in Ireland, with Varadkar aiming to have 48,000 Irish people employed in the film and television industry by 2024.

He certainly has Fallon’s seal of approval, with the talk show host an avid Irishman himself.

Fallon’s great-great-grandparents emigrated to American from County Galway and he's never shied away from celebrating his heritage.