Liam Neeson to star in Kingsman prequel ‘The Great Game’

Liam Neeson to star in Kingsman prequel ‘The Great Game’

LIAM NEESON’S action movie career is showing no signs of slowing down with the 66-year-old reportedly cast in the upcoming Kingsman prequel, The Great Game.

The Irish actor courted controversy earlier this year with a series of racially insensitive remarks made during an interview to promote the revenge thriller Cold Pursuit.

Speaking in an interview with The Independent back in February, Neeson revealed how he once sought revenge for the rape of a close friend by walking the streets armed with a weapon searching for a “black b*****d” to kill.

Though Neeson subsequently apologised for the remarks, which he branded “hurtful and divisive” there were concerns the comments could impact his career further.

Those concerns appear to be unfounded though with Deadline reporting that Neeson has signed on to star in The Great Game alongside 22-year-old English actor Harris Dickinson.

Neeson is set to star in the upcoming Men In Black reboot/sequel Men In Black: International, while he has also signed up to star in the action film The Minuteman.

This comes despite the Irishman previously hinting that he was planning to step away from action movies and instead focus on more dramatic roles.

Back in 2017, Sky News reported that Neeson told fans at the Toronto International Film Festival that he was done with making action movies.

“Guys, I’m sixty-fucking-five,” he said. “Audiences are eventually going to go: ‘Come on.’”

There's no word yet on who Neeson will play in the Kingsman prequel.

His role in Men In Black: International also remains a closely-guarded secret, with rumours suggesting he could play the film's primary antagonist.