Lisa Smith's solicitor says case against her is 'inherently weak'

Lisa Smith's solicitor says case against her is 'inherently weak'

THE SOLICITOR of ISIS bride Lisa Smith has insisted that the case against her is "inherently weak".

The Irish woman was arrested as soon as she touched down at Dublin Airport on Sunday and is currently being questioned by gardai.

Smith has denied any involvement in terrorism following her deportation from Turkey.

Her solicitor, Darragh Mackin, told RTE's Morning Ireland that he hoped the investigation would be sorted quickly.

"I think it’s clear that she does not pledge allegiance to the terrorist organisation ISIS," Mackin said, before adding that the case against her was "inherently weak."

The solicitor stressed that travelling to Syria was "in itself not a terrorist offence", before insisting that "there’s absolutely no evidence that she’s been in any terrorist organisation or terrorist group."

Smith had been living in Syria until Turkey's recent incursion into the country.

Kurdish forces had captured her and her two-year-old daughter and held them in in the Al-Hawl displacement camp for the wives and children of Islamic State (IS) fighters.

She was repatriated to Ireland after Turkey had announced that two of the 20 captured 'foreign jihadists' they were planning to deport were Irish citizens.

Smith, a former member of the Irish Defence Force, insists that she's never been involved in any acts of terrorism and stressed before her arrival back in Ireland that she'd be willing to testify and answer whatever questions were necessary to clear her name.

Mackin added that "not one witness has come forward" to back up terror links to his client and insists that they are "mere allegations and hearsay without any foundation."