London Irish Centre launches community conversation initiative

London Irish Centre launches community conversation initiative

THE LONDON Irish Centre (LIC) is launching a community conversation to help improve the work of LIC - and they need you.

They are inviting the Irish in London and the wider community to share their ideas.

On the 18th July, they will be officially launching their community conversation to shape the future of the LIC as a world-class Community and Cultural Centre.

In 1955 the LIC opened its doors to meet the needs of newly arrived Irish emigrants. Initially providing accommodation and welfare advice, the LIC quickly became an important social and cultural venue.


Today it is an important resource for the Irish and local communities in London providing Care, Culture and Community. They provide assistance on a range of issues including welfare advice, a Befriending Service and a Wellbeing & Elders Service.

Alongside this, they offer London’s leading Irish Cultural Programme – reaching over 20,000 people, hosting 400 events, and housing the largest collection of Irish interest books in the UK.

However, with greater demand and need, escalating repair costs and more pressures on the LIC, the building needs considerable improvement.

The LIC want to reimagine, redevelop and reposition their centre as the best Community and Cultural Centre in the world.

Sean Kennedy, CEO of the LIC said: “Whilst we are incredibly proud of the work we do now, we believe that a new centre will enable us to provide truly outstanding services with the warmest Irish welcome, and in a more sustainable, accessible and diverse way.

“In order to reimagine our centre as the best possible version of itself, we want to make sure the people who it currently serves have a say too. We want to welcome as many people as possible to join our conversation, and help shape the future of the LIC”


The 18th July will mark the launch of the LIC’s Community Conversation, the first of many opportunities to contribute ideas and suggestions towards the future of the centre. To attend the event, you can register here.