Man filmed sleeping through Super Bowl revealed to be Irishman and friend of the Clintons

Man filmed sleeping through Super Bowl revealed to be Irishman and friend of the Clintons

THE MAN filmed sleeping through Super Bowl LIV has been identified as an Irishman and friend of President Clinton.

Tipperary native Declan Kelly went viral after he was caught on camera napping during the opening quarter of the Kansas City Chiefs 31-20 win over the San Francisco 49ers.

CEO of Teneo Public Relations in the US, Mr Kelly was spotted fast asleep with his legs crossed, arms clasped together and mouth wide open while the rest of those in attendance at Miami’s Hard Rock Stadium were busy going wild.

It sparked a frenzy of shocked reactions on social media, with many stunned that someone could not only sleep through one of the biggest sporting occasions of the year but also do so while sitting in one of the most coveted seats in the stadium.

Mr Kelly was catching Zzzzs in the much-lauded first tier end zone of the stadium, with tickets for seats in that particular area of the ground going for a whopping $7,000 online.


A video of Mr Kelly fast asleep has already attracted more than six million views online.

It therefore wasn’t long before Mr Kelly found himself named and, mildly, shamed.

Irish born and bred, Mr Kelly started out back in Ireland.

After studying and graduating from the National University of Ireland in Galway, Mr Kelly went on to enjoy a successful decade as a journalist before moving on to run a highly successful PR agency.

Mr Kelly eventually sold his business before heading out to the US where he eventually founded Teeneo, a consultancy group catering to top business and political leaders.


A known associate of President Clinton, Mr Kelly served as his Economic Envoy to Northern Ireland after raising over $3 million for Hillary Clinton’s Presidential campaign.

Mr Kelly has so far refused to field any calls or interview requests related to the incident that has been dubbed the “super slumber”.