Man sets Guinness World Record for stacking three eggs vertically

Man sets Guinness World Record for stacking three eggs vertically

A MAN in Malaysia has set a bizarre new Guinness World Record after somehow stacking three eggs vertically. 

Mohammed Muqbel, 20, from Kuala Lumpur has been teaching himself to stack eggs since the tender age of six. 

All that practice finally came in handy after the Yemeni man was awarded Guinness World Record for his unusual trick. 

Under Guinness World Records’ stipulations, the eggs were required to remain stacked for a minimum of five seconds. 

They also had to be fresh and free from any cracks in the shells that could provide Mohammed with an advantage. 

Thankfully, the 20-year-old was up to the task, stacking three eggs in a tower formation that will have you pining for a cooked breakfast. 

According to Mohammed, there is a trick to the art of egg stacking. 

It’s all to do with being able to identify the egg in question’s centre of mass. 

Once that’s established, the stacking process becomes about ensuring they are aligned while stacked. 

But before anyone with an abundance of eggs gets any ideas about following in Mohammed’s footsteps, he’s keen to warn that egg stacking requires high levels of concentration as well as bags of patience and practice. 

Simply put: leave it to the eggs-perts.