Man's inspired spaghetti hack divides the internet

Man's inspired spaghetti hack divides the internet

IT’S THE question dominating the internet this week:

How do you eat spaghetti?

For most, the often-messy process involves twirling the stringy pasta around a fork until it’s in an acceptable enough shape to slide into your mouth.

However, in the case of one man currently setting the internet ablaze, it’s a mess-free process that requires just a single fork alongside a pair of scissors.

Featured in a clip shared by the Twitter account @cucumbertonic, footage of the unknown man lifting his spaghetti off the plate and snipping off the excess strands before putting what remains in his mouth has sent social media into a frenzy.

To date, the video has garnered more than seven million views.

More importantly, it’s sparked a pretty vociferous debate between those who see his efforts as inspired and those calling for him to be banned from eating spaghetti ever again.

One fan described his efforts as “genius” while others, in contrast, said it was “ridiculous” and “should be illegal”

"What in God’s name is going on here???? That is so wrong, he should never be allowed to eat spaghetti again,” one critic wrote.

"The odds of that guy being an axe murderer must be near 100 percent,” another added.

"Not sure if this impressed me or terrified me,” a third said.

The spaghetti bandit found plenty of supporters online though.

One wrote: "OMG! Next time I eat spaghetti it is going to be with a fork and a pair of scissors instead of a spoon!"

Another asked: "Is this man from the future?"

"He’s living in 2090 we’re all beneath this guy," a third said.

While imaginative enough, another follower on Twitter was quick to note that the method wasn’t all that innovative or original, sharing a clip of actor Buster Keaton using the same trick in his 1918 short film The Cook.