McDonald’s vegan nuggets have launched – but not everyone is happy

McDonald’s vegan nuggets have launched – but not everyone is happy

MCDONALD’S HAS added Vegan chicken nuggets to its menu - but the new addition has left a bad taste in the mouths of some fast food fans.

The new plant-based offering has been christened the McVegan nugget and is the third vegan-friendly menu item to arrive at the fast food giant.

It follows on from the company’s McVegan burger, which was first launched in Finland, and the McFalafel, which debuted in Sweden.

This latest culinary creation is being initially trialled in Norway.

It comes hot on the heels of a vegan-friendly Happy Meal option, which was introduced in the UK and Ireland in January and includes a Spicy Veggie Wrap made from red pesto, sweetcorn and breadcrumbs.

McVegan nuggets have already courted some criticism online though.

The new vegan nuggets are made using a combination of mashed potato, chickpeas, onion, carrots and corn.

However, some Vegans are unhappy that the nuggets have not been made using a meat-free chicken substitute.

To their way of thinking, while the product replicates the humble chicken nugget on the outside, it’s a decidedly different inside.

“True disappointment is finding out that the new McDonald's vegan nuggets aren't in fact faux meat style but just shorter sh*tter versions of their goujons,” one critic wrote on Twitter.

“McDonald’s needs to get a grip,” another said.

“Nobody wants your “veg goujons and nuggets” they look sh*t they are sh*t. Greggs done a quorn product and look at the success. Vegans dont have to compromise for nice food anymore. Try harder! And get some fuckin soy milk.

A third said: “Good vegan nuggets are available in almost every big supermarket and yet Maccies have the AUDACITY to introduce THESE?! in 2019?! and call them vegan McNuggets?!”