Micheal Martin says he's still waiting for first phone call from Donald Trump

Micheal Martin says he's still waiting for first phone call from Donald Trump

MICHEAL MARTIN has admitted he's still waiting to be contacted by President Trump, despite being appointment Taoiseach almost a month ago now.

He admitted to TDs this week that he'd received phone calls and spoken with a number of world leaders over the past three weeks, but had "not spoken with the President of the United States of America since my appointment as Taoiseach".

By contrast, Leo Varadkar received a phone call from President Trump just 14 days after his appointment as Taoiseach.

Professor Ben Tonra, who lectures on Irish foreign policy at University College Dublin, suggested that the Trump administration's continued insistence that usual "norms and procedures [have gone] out the window" is adequate reason for him having not contacting Martin yet.

"In the normal course of events this would be scheduled by the State Department," Prof Tonra said.

While stressing that "personal chemistry is decisive" among leaders of bigger nations, he said such a scenario is less a priority for Ireland.


"When you’re dealing with asymmetry between US and Ireland, it is far less so," Tonra added. He suggested that there was little evidence that Varadkar and Trump enjoyed any significant rapport.

There were questions raised following the election of Boris Johnson as UK Prime Minister, after it took nearly a week to arrange a call with Varadkar.

However, the call - when it happened - was described as friendly.

Taoisigh and US Presidents have a long history of cohesion due to the strong links between Ireland and the United States.

It remains tradition for the Irish leader to present his/her US counterpart with a bowl of shamrocks on St. Patrick's Day.