'Miracle' Irish grandad leaves hospital after battling coronavirus in ICU for 26 days

'Miracle' Irish grandad leaves hospital after battling coronavirus in ICU for 26 days

AN IRISH GRANDAD has been dubbed 'miracle man' by nursing staff after being released from hospital following a near month-long stint in the ICU battling Covid-19.

Conor Cleary, 59, was greeted by cheering friends and family as he left St Vincent's Hospital in Dublin on Tuesday.

His lengthy ordeal with coronavirus isn't the first time his life was nearly claimed by a killer disease.

Cleary spent three months on life support a decade ago with swine flu, but just as he did this week, he prevailed.

Taking to social media, Cleary's relieved daughter, Rachel, posted a video of him taking his first steps out of hospital, and praised healthcare workers for saving her father's life.

"Not many can say they have survived both pandemics, on life support machine both times & live to tell the tale," she wrote.

"Our Dad is a true Hero & we are so so proud of him. To all the other family’s that are experiencing what we have just come through, please take hope & strength from our story.

"To our frontline Hero’s, take a bow. You have literally saved our Dads life! I can’t put into words what you have done for him, my Mum & our family. Thank you!!! Thank you for minding him when we could not be by his side. And thank you to every single person that has come together and prayed for Dad, we are forever grateful to each and every one of you.

"To Dad, you are our everything and forever our hero! Today, we cried so many tears of joy. Our family have won the lotto!! DAD HAS COME HOME & wondering ‘What’s all the fuss about and why isn’t Mac Donald’s open?"