Nightclubs reopen in UK for first time in over a year as part of ‘Covid-safe’ pilot in Liverpool

Nightclubs reopen in UK for first time in over a year as part of ‘Covid-safe’ pilot in Liverpool

LIVERPOOL HAS been flooded with party-goers as revellers flock to the first reopening of a nightclub in the UK in over a year. 

While Ireland continues to gradually ease its way out of lockdown, Britain is moving full steam ahead with the reopening of society this summer. 

It had been some 406 days since a nightclub was last open in the UK but that has all changed thanks to a ‘Covid-safe’ pilot event being trialled on Merseyside. 

The event is part of the national Events Research Programme which will provide data on how events could be permitted to safely reopen in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic.

As many as 3,000 people queued up to gain entry to The Circus nightclub for “The First Dance” event on Friday evening, with another 3,000 expected on Saturday. 

The Bramley-Moore Dock warehouse hosted the kinds of scenes and celebrations not seen in over a year with clubbers free to dance together in close proximity with no need for masks or social distancing. 

DJ Yousef, Lewis Boardman and The Blessed Madonna along with house music favourite DJ Jayda G were among those to perform with Fatboy Slim set to take to the stage a day later. 

There are just two requirements for anyone attending: a ticket and the results of a Covid lateral flow test taken within 24 hours of arrival. Well, almost. 

(Photo by Anthony Devlin/Getty Images)

Professor Iain Buchan from the University of Liverpool is assisting in the running of the events and has outlined the prerequisites for anyone wishing to get involved. 

These include: "Giving your consent to take part when you book a ticket; receiving text messages about hands, face, space, fresh air; minimising unnecessary contacts before the event; getting tested within 36 hours, ideally as close to the event as possible; ideally having a test earlier in the week". 

He added: "Don't go on the day if you have any symptoms." 

Liverpool has emerged as a key test zone for the reopening of society with similar pilot events held in cinemas, comedy clubs and business conference centres. 

Nightclubs are due to reopen in the UK on June 21, with vaccine passports set to play a key role in the return of live sport, music and other social activities. 

There is no date yet in place for the reopening of nightclubs in Ireland.