No coronavirus deaths in Ireland for second day in a row

No coronavirus deaths in Ireland for second day in a row

THE REPUBLIC of Ireland has recorded its second day in a row with no new coronavirus deaths.

In what is a huge step forward in Ireland's battle against the virus, as of yesterday, Monday 6 July at 6.30pm, there had been no deaths and just 4 new cases of the virus confirmed in a 24-hour period.

This follows on from Sunday's figures, in which no deaths and 18 new cases were recorded.

It is the first time since early March that the Republic of Ireland has gone two days in a row with no new deaths from Covid-19.

In further positive news, the Health Department of Northern Ireland yesterday confirmed there had been no further deaths and just nine new cases, meaning the island of Ireland did not lose one life to the virus yesterday.

However, while the new figures are reassuring, Acting Chief Medical Officer Dr Ronan Glynn warned against complacency as the economy begins opening up following lockdown.

"If an environment does not feel safe, or it means you are unable to follow public health advice, do not risk it and go elsewhere," he said, referring to pubs, restaurants and shops.

He also revealed some worrying statistics indicating that people are not taking up the offer of a coronavirus test if they have been identified as a close contact of a coronavirus patient.

"Between mid-May to the end of June, 35% of those identified as a close contact of a confirmed case did not take up the offer of a test," he said.

"Every case has the potential to turn into a cluster, which in turn has the potential to spread through a community. If you are identified as a close contact, please take up the offer of a test without delay."

The Republic of Ireland's official coronavirus death toll stands at 1.741; unchanged for two days.

25,531 people have contracted the virus in Ireland since the pandemic began.