Northern Irish MP tweets support for Donald Trump

Northern Irish MP tweets support for Donald Trump

A NORTHERN IRISH Member of Parliament has publicly tweeted support for Donald Trump.

Sammy Wilson of the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP), who represents East Antrim, shared a photo on his Twitter account to signify his support for the President of the United States.

On Tuesday, Wilson posted a picture of himself and three others holding a flag which reads 'Trump 2020'.

In the caption, he wrote: "Keep America Great!" - The phrase used by Mr Trump for his re-election campaign.

In 2016 following Trump's victory in the Presidential election, Wilson tweeted his congratulations to the leader of the Republican party, adding that he wished Trump "the best for his term as President."

Also pictured in the photograph posted by Wilson is Ian Paisley Jr, another DUP MP.

Mr Paisley has previously praised Trump, describing the two of them as "good friends" and revealing that the US president has a framed picture of himself and his late father on display in his office.

"I do like him. I think he's a character and I think he's very different from his television persona," he said last month.

"I got the pleasure of meeting the whole family and, of course, his wife Melania.

"I think I'm the only or one of the few politicians since he's been president, one of the few British politicians, who's met him every single year of his presidency and has had lunch with him."