Orange Thursday: Kevin the Carrot plush toys return to Aldi, country collectively loses their minds

Orange Thursday: Kevin the Carrot plush toys return to Aldi, country collectively loses their minds

KEVIN THE Carrot is back in stores for Christmas, and for the fourth year running people are completely losing their minds.

Aldi's ad mascot Kevin (who is a carrot, if that wasn't clear) first made an appearance in the German supermarket chain's 2016 Christmas adverts in Ireland and the UK, and obvious marketing campaign though it was, it worked-- really, really well.

People love Kevin. Not just children-- parents, teenagers and childless, fully grown adults love Kevin. And when, in later adverts, Kevin fell in love with Katie the Carrot and had three children (Jasper, Chantony and Baby the Carrots), people fell in love with them too.

Now there's a whole litany of side characters, like Tiny Tom the Tomato and Russell Sprout the... well, you can guess.

Every year Aldi release the Kevin the carrot plush toys in the run-up to Christmas, and every year grown adults queue outside the supermarket before it even opens, and while it hasnt exactly devolved into fisticuffs, there is a lot of shoving, panic and fustration in the  other grown adults in the adventure to get your hands on the elusive soft carrot.

Plus, as soon as the toys sell out (Which doesn't take very long AT ALL) they show up on E-Bay, sometimes for hundreds of euro. (If you do this, you are Not Sound At All).

The supermarket have branded the release day for the Kevin the Carrot plush toys as 'Orange Thursday', an obvious nod to America's Black Friday, where people queue for hours and resort to physical fights for cheap TVs and games consoles, but here we do it over a carrot.

There goes any semblance of moral high ground we had, then.

This year's 'Orange Thursday' was yesterday, November 28th, and already Aldi have announced that they are limiting each customer to two Kevin the Carrot toys per person, to give more people the chacne to buy one and to try and prevent any Gladiator-like scenes in the aisles.

DSo how did this year's Orange Thursday go down in Ireland and the UK? Have a look for yourself...