Piers Morgan insists he is 'not a racist' and brands Meghan Markle a 'fake virtue-signalling hypocrite'

Piers Morgan insists he is 'not a racist' and brands Meghan Markle a 'fake virtue-signalling hypocrite'

PIERS MORGAN has taken another swipe at Meghan Markle after branding her a "fake virtue-signalling hypocrite".

In a piece for the Daily Mail on Monday, Morgan spoke out in defence of his friend Sharon Osbourne, insisting that neither she nor him were in the slightest bit racist, despite the very real accusations thrown at both of them over the past few weeks.

"I'm not a racist and nor is Sharon Osbourne, but that didn't stop the woke mob lynching her just for defending me," Morgan wrote, before insisting that the whole situation should "horrify anyone who values free speech."

He explained how he's never said a thing about Markle that could ever be construed as racist, and that the only time he's mentioned the colour of her skin is to repeatedly say how great it was that a bi-racial woman was marrying into the British Royal Family.

"It's true that having once been friendly with her, I've been very critical of her in the past three years because I believe she's a fake virtue-signalling hypocrite who ruthlessly exploits her royal titles for financial gain," wrote Morgan.

"But none of that honestly held opinion is based on anything to do with her skin colour. I've been equally critical of Harry for his own ludicrous antics and he's white."

The outspoken TV presenter quit his role at Good Morning Britain earlier this month after refusing to apologise for comments his made about Markle in the wake of her and her husband's explosive interview with Oprah Winfrey.

The 56-year-old admitted openly that he "didn't believe a word" the Duchess of Sussex said, which prompted Markle to lodge a formal complaint about Morgan to ITV, which would eventually result in his resignation.

Some perceived Morgan's criticism of Markle to be racially motivated, and when Ms Osbourne defended him on her US chat show The Talk, she too was accused of racism, or at the very least accused of protecting and making excuses for a racist, and was subsequently forced to quit.

"I am with you. I stand by you. People forget that you're paid for your opinion and that you're just speaking your truth," Osbourne said to Morgan in a tweet following his GMB departure.

She was later challenged about her post by fellow host of The Talk Sheryl Underwood.

"What would you say to people who would say that while you're standing by your friend, you appear to be giving validation or a safe haven to something he has uttered that is racist," Underwood asked Osbourne live on air.

"Tell me what he said that's racist?" Osbourne replied.

"It's not the exact words of racism, it's the implication and reaction to it. To not want to address that because she is a black woman, and to try to dismiss it or make it seem less than what it is. That's what makes it racist," came Underwood's response.

"I don't understand," said a bemused Osbourne. "If Piers doesn't like someone, and they happen to be black, does that make him a racist?"

"No," said Underwood.

"Right, so why can't it be he just doesn't like her? Why does it have to be racist?"

Underwood couldn't answer that one, instead replying: "I don't want anybody here to watch this and think we're attacking you for being racist."

Osbourne laughed, saying: "I think it's too late, that seed's already sown."