Pomeranian puppies rescued from boot of speeding car

Pomeranian puppies rescued from boot of speeding car

SEVEN ADORABLE puppies found in the boot of a speeding car are making a steady recovery following their life-threatening ordeal.

The Pomeranian puppies were found by gardaí after they stopped a young man who was driving over the speed limit on the M7 at Mayfield, just outside Monasterevin on Saturday, August 29. 

The dogs were found inside the boot of the animal. 

On closer inspection, gardaí established that the puppies were too young to have been separated from their mother. 

The driver involved was also unable to provide the necessary paperwork to account for the welfare of the puppies. 

None of the pups have been either vaccinated or microchipped. 

Worse still, they were said to be in ill-health and visibly distressed at their circumstances. 

All seven dogs were transferred to the care of the KWWSPCA in Newbridge, Co Kildare. 

Thankfully, they are now said to be making a steady recovery. 

A spokesperson for the animal sanctuary said the puppies condition has  "improved greatly" and they are "becoming happier and more confident". 

The dogs are thought to be seven weeks old. 

While the driver involved was handed a Fixed Charge Penalty Notice for speeding, the Director of Public Prosecutions is still preparing a file that could lead to charges over the discovery of the dogs. 

The story has led to calls for harsher punishments for those involved in Ireland’s illegal dog trade. 

“Now let's watch while they pay a minimal fine and go on their merry way,” one follower said. “The penalties for animal abuse in Ireland are non existent. These crimes will continue.” 

Another concurred: “Until there are severe punishments for it, Ireland will continue to be a hotspot for illegal dog trade.”