'Protect me from coronavirus': Irish cancer patients and survivors plead with public to stay indoors

'Protect me from coronavirus': Irish cancer patients and survivors plead with public to stay indoors

THE IRISH Cancer Society has released a compilation video of people across the country who are battling cancer or in the recovery stages, and who need the public's help in order to stay protected from Covid-19.

The video includes prominent activist and patient advocate Vicky Phelan, who helped bring to light the medical scandal which resulted in at least 221 women with cervical cancer not being told of a mistake in their smear tests.

In the video, Ms Phelan, 9-year-old neuroblastoma patient Pádraig, two-time cancer survivor Shannen Joyce, breast cancer patient Helena O'Brien and HPV Vaccine advocate John Wall, urge the Irish public to stay home, stay safe and protect the vulnerable, because 'my life matters'.

Vicky Phelan, who is living with stage four cervical cancer, says her illness means she is used to having to isolate herself and is now doing so again-- but has asked "everybody to do their bit, please, to try and protect people like me, because my life matters".

"My life matters," 9-year-old Pádraig tells the camera. "To help protect me from coronavirus, please stay inside and keep washing your hands".

The Irish Cancer Society posted the poignant and important video to their official Twitter account, with the caption:

"Cancer patients and survivors from around Ireland are asking you to keep them safe.

"Getting coronavirus could pose a very serious risk to their lives. These are the faces and names of the people you're saving by staying home.

"Their lives matter."

This year, the Irish Cancer Society was forced to cancel their annual fundraising event, Daffodil Day, in order to protect the lives of their patients.

Daffodil Day is the single biggest fundraising event for the charity, and has resulted in the society reaching out to the public for online donations, saying "your support now is more important than ever".

You can donate on the website by following this link.