Rooster filmed drinking pint of Guinness in Irish pub

Rooster filmed drinking pint of Guinness in Irish pub

VIDEO FOOTAGE of a cockerel drinking a pint of Guinness while the patrons of an Irish pub cheer the rooster on has gone viral online.

The clip, which has appeared in various formats across Facebook, YouTube and Twitter has been widely shared despite sparking anger among animal rights groups.

It begins with the cockerel initially pecking at the glass of Irish stout. Several male voices can be heard cheering on the rooster and encouraging it to finish the pint off.

"Go on you boyo, put your head in the pint,” one voice can be heard saying.

"We're after spending 4.30 (euro) on that pint. Drink up.


"He'll fight like f**k after he gets this won't he?"

The rooster, who is christened Seamus in the clip, can be seen sticking his head in the glass and taking a few sizeable gulps.

Other people in the pub appear to be going about their business while the cockerel-based craziness continues.

Bar staff are also filmed working away, apparently oblivious to the antics.

Speaking to the Irish Mirror, the Dublin Society for Prevention for Cruelty to Animals condemned the actions of those in the clip.

"Alcohol shouldn't be fed to any sort of animal,” DSPCA spokesperson Gillian Bird told the newspaper.


"Any animal being treated this way is disrespectful to it. Alcohol is a toxin and shouldn't be given to an animal.”

The DSPCA are now appealing for information regarding the incident and are inviting those who might be able to track down those involved to contact them via Facebook.