RTÉ criticised for continuing to broadcast images from pitch after Christian Eriksen cardiac arrest

RTÉ criticised for continuing to broadcast images from pitch after Christian Eriksen cardiac arrest

RTÉ HAVE come under fire for not cutting away from Denmark’s Euro 2020 clash with Finland after the game was stopped when Christian Eriksen collapsed.

The 29-year-old was attended to by paramedics on the pitch after suffering what was later discovered to be a cardiac arrest.

While his Denmark teammates attempted to act as a human ring around the stricken Eriksen as he lay motionless on the grass and horrified fans in the stands watched on, broadcasters continued to relay images of the unfolding scenes.

The Danish midfielder received CPR from medics on the scene while his wife was filmed watching on in a state of distress.

Both the BBC and RTÉ, along with several other television stations around the continent, continued to broadcast from the scene in a move that drew criticism from fans online.

A spokesperson for RTÉ has defended the decision in a statement issued to the Irish Mirror.

They said: “RTÉ at all times attempted to be sensitive, reflecting what was unfolding and keeping people informed while also cognisant of the need for sensitivity and privacy.”

The game eventually resumed at the request of Eriksen, who is in a stable condition after being transported to a nearby hospital in Copenhagen, Denmark.

“This morning we have spoken to Christian Eriksen, who has sent his greetings to his teammates,” the Danish Football Association said on Twitter.

“His condition is stable, and he continues to be hospitalized for further examination.”

Despite the backlash against the decision to broadcast live from the pitch after Erikson’s collapse, RTÉ commentator Jacqui Hurley earned praise for the way in which she handled the situation.

Hurley tweeted: “In my 15 years of broadcasting I have never experienced a day like today & hope we never have another like it.

“Thank god Christian Eriksen is ok. Thinking of him & his family tonight and remembering just how precious life really is.”