Ryanair passengers caught on camera 'singing racist chants and wearing Nazi t-shirts' on flight

Ryanair passengers caught on camera 'singing racist chants and wearing Nazi t-shirts' on flight

A GROUP of Ryanair passengers have been filmed chanting "racist slurs" with Nazi-era slogans on a flight from Berlin to Majorca.

The shocking incident occurred onboard flight FR110 after take-off from Berlin Schönefeld Airport on Tuesday, May 28.

Several drunk German men reportedly chanted for large parts of the three-hour journey to Palma de Mallorca Airport on the Spanish island.

A video taken by fellow passenger Elisa Zenck shows one of the men chanting "Du Zigeuner", a term used by the Nazis during the Holocaust to describe Roma Gypsies.

Ms Zenck posted the 10-second clip on Facebook, and said some members of the group were even wearing t-shirts with far-right slogans including "Kraft durch Freude" (Strength Through Joy) – the name of a Nazi organisation that arranged leisure activities for German citizens.

She wrote: "Worst flight ever: Ryanair from Berlin to Majorca on May 28, 2019, flight number FR110.

"At least 30 drunk men, wearing t-shirts bearing the inscriptions 'Majorca Division: Strength Through Joy' and 'European Brotherhood'. Those in the video were sat in seats 28-30 ABC. Please share!"

One Facebook user commented on the video saying she was "ashamed for my compatriots", while another described the incident as "very grim".

Ms Zenck said the entire three-hour flight was "tense" and that the men had made inappropriate remarks to female passengers prior to boarding the plane.

She described other passengers as being eager to get off the jet "as soon as possible" when it landed in Majorca.

"I talked to one of the cabin crew, and she said every plane from Berlin to Mallorca in the summer is like that," Ms Zenck told The Independent.

"The airline and the airport need to do something. It’s a policy issue."

In a statement, a spokesperson for Ryanair said: "We sincerely regret any misbehaviour by a small group of passengers on board this flight.

"The group stopped singing when requested to do so by our cabin crew."

Last year, a Ryanair passenger was caught on camera hurling racial abuse at a black pensioner as they boarded a flight from Barcelona Airport to London Stansted.

However, the man later escaped prosecution as UK police did not have jurisdiction over the incident.